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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Serves Workers in Dutchess County, NY

Representing Injured Workers Throughout New York State

Peter M. Cordovano, P.C. helps injured workers in the Hudson Valley recover workers’ compensation benefits for medical treatment and wage replacement. Workers’ compensation can be a complicated process, and there are many ways employers and their insurance carriers try to deny claims to avoid paying benefits. If you are engaged in a dispute over a denied claim, a low disability rating, or a disability settlement offer, let an experienced lawyer represent you throughout the process. Since 1980, I have fought to get eligible workers the maximum benefits available under the law.

Hudson Valley Workers' Compensation Attorney Services

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system in which employers pay premiums in exchange for limited liability against injury lawsuits. If you have a workplace accident and are injured on the job, or if you get sick due to an illness caused by your work environment, you have the right to file a claim with your employer’s insurance carrier. You do not have to prove that your employer was negligent or even that you are free from all blame, and you do not have to go to court to prove your case.

In most cases, you are not permitted to sue your employer or a co-worker for personal injury. You are limited to workers’ compensation benefits, which include payments for your medical care and replacement of a portion of the wages you lose while you are out of work. These benefits are typically far less than you might otherwise be able to recover in a civil lawsuit for negligence, where you can also recover compensation for pain and suffering and other losses. However, in rare cases, someone with whom you do not have an employer-employee or co-worker relationship might carelessly cause your injury. This opens the door for a third-party negligence lawsuit.

Eligibility for Workers' Compensation in New York

Workers are not covered for any and all unfortunate incidents but only for work-related injuries and illnesses. This means the injury or illness must “arise out of” employment and happen “in the course of” employment. When deciding whether a worker’s claim is valid, the court looks at several factors:

  • Was there an employer-employee relationship? Independent contractors, visitors, and passersby are not covered.
  • Did the injury happen during work? This usually includes any time a worker is engaged in an activity that confers a benefit on the employer.
  • Did the injury happen because of job-related risks? The worker must be injured due to a requirement to be in a particular place at a particular time performing particular tasks.

There are many gray areas for determining what injuries are work related, including injuries to workers misclassified as contractors, incidents at company picnics or parties, injuries while on breaks, injuries away from the worksite, or injuries due to horseplay. A court looks at the totality of the circumstances to see if certain facts rule a claim in or out. Your attorney must have the knowledge and experience to make a compelling argument.

Dispute Resolution for Denied Workers' Comp Claims

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways your employer or their insurance company may dispute, or controvert, your claim. If your claim is challenged or denied, you will want to have an experienced workers’ comp attorney on your side to represent you. These are just a few of the ways employers and their insurers may try to avoid paying you benefits:

  • They may claim that you are not really injured as seriously as you claim to be, or at all. To prove you are injured, they may require you to undergo examinations by their own doctors, who are paid by them.
  • They may claim that your injury was not work related. For instance, they may claim you were injured while you were on a break or running personal errands. If you were on the clock or on the premises, your claim may likely be covered.
  • They may claim your injury is really based on a preexisting condition not caused on the job. However, if such a condition is aggravated by a workplace accident, you should be compensated.
  • They may claim that the accident was caused by your own negligence or misconduct. Workers’ compensation is supposed to be a no-fault system, and except in a few limited circumstances, your own behavior should not count against you.

Additionally, to be successful on your workers’ compensation claim, you must notify your employer in a timely fashion and follow important procedural steps to protect your rights.

Understanding Occupational Disease Claims

Occupational diseases are illnesses or conditions related to a particular occupation or industry. As examples, asbestosis and carpal tunnel syndrome can be considered occupational diseases of certain industries.

If you are disabled by a work-related occupational disease, you will receive the same benefits that you would receive if you were disabled by an on-the job injury. Our legal team is here to help you navigate this process and get the justice you deserve for your occupational claim. 

Workers' Comp Death Benefits in New York

When a worker dies because of a work-related injury or illness, their dependents may file a claim to be reimbursed for funeral costs and other expenses. Death claims must be filed within two years of the worker’s death. Immigration status is not a factor, nor is the surviving family's location.

If you have lost a loved one due to a work-related injury or illness, contact Attorney Peter M. Cordovano to fight for the justice and closure you deserve. 

Get Help Appealing Your Workers' Comp Claim in Dutchess County

If you have been injured on the job or contracted an occupational illness due to conditions in the workplace, you should immediately contact an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney. 

For reliable assistance in Ulster, Dutchess, and Orange counties, call Peter M. Cordovano, P.C. at (845) 414-8482 or contact my office online to schedule a free consultation. 


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