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Common Workplace Injuries

Dutchess County, NY Attorney Covers the Most Common Workplace Injuries

Determined Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury Representation for Hudson Valley Workers

Since 1980, Peter M. Cordovano, P.C. has provided aggressive representation for victims of workplace injuries. Many of these cases involve problems accessing workers’ compensation benefits, while others stray into the area of personal injury litigation. If you have sustained an injury at work, you can rely on me for personalized attention as I investigate the circumstances of your injury to help ensure you get the maximum level of benefits and compensation you deserve. In more than 35 years of practice in Highland, I have managed a wide variety of cases, so you can trust my experience when it comes to common, and not-so-common, workplace injuries. 

Common Workplace Injuries and Their Causes in Highland, NY

Various studies of accidents and injuries in the workplace reveal that the most common causes of job-related injury are:

  • Overexertion — When workers are required to lift, push, hold, pull, or carry objects on the job, overexertion injuries are inevitable. These tend to be expensive injuries for insurers because of the treatment and recovery time required.
  • Slip and fall — These accidents are so common because they can happen anywhere, from the office restroom to the factory floor. Construction workers are especially vulnerable to falls from ladders or from one level of a building to another. Workers also frequently injure themselves by reacting to a slip or trip but not actually falling.
  • Machine malfunction — Entanglement with heavy industrial equipment, power tools and appliances in the workplace present a hazard. Workers must be wary of the danger, take precautions, and wear protective equipment.
  • Falling objects — Objects falling from shelves in an office or from heights at a construction site present a serious risk of disabling injury, including severe head injuries.
  • Vehicle accidents — Employees who drive for a living are in danger from traffic accidents that claim more than 35,000 lives annually across the country. But vehicle accidents are also far too common on construction sites.
  • Construction accidents – laborers can also be injured from a ladder or scaffolding fall with lifelong impacts including loss of employment, physical impairment and ongoing pain.

Workers are also frequently injured by walking into objects or performing repetitive tasks. Finally, workplace violence accounts for its share of injuries and fatalities.

Securing Workers' Compensation Benefits in Highland, NY

When you suffer an on-the-job injury, your future is immediately clouded with uncertainty. In most cases, you are limited by workers’ compensation law to those benefits: medical treatment, temporary disability, and possibly permanent disability. But workers often have difficulty accessing the full range of workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to. Common problems include:

  • Denial of claim
  • Denial of second opinion
  • Denial of treatment
  • Low disability rating
  • Low disability settlement offer

I help injured workers overcome obstacles to accessing their benefits. I also assist with Social Security disability applications, to enhance wage replacement and ease your financial burden.

In rare instances, a worker’s injury may be the result of third-party negligence. This situation opens the door for a personal injury lawsuit to recover full compensation, which includes the total of the worker’s lost income and compensation for pain and suffering.

Getting a full financial recovery for a workplace injury is a complex process. But I am prepared to put my knowledge, experience and determination to work for you.

Get Help from a Skilled Highland Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you have been denied workers’ comp benefits for a workplace injury or suspect you might have a case for third-party negligence, contact Peter M. Cordovano, P.C. immediately. I provide reliable representation in Ulster, Dutchess and Orange counties. 

Call today at (845) 414-8482 or contact my Highland office online to schedule a free consultation. Representing injured workers throughout New York State.


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