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Three Injured Officers Struggle to Receive Disability Pensions

The New York Daily News recently reported that three members of the NYPD have been rendered unable to work but have failed in their attempt to collect their disability pensions. Read More

What to Expect from the Independent Medical Examination

When you apply for workers’ compensation benefits in New York, the insurance carrier may request that you undergo an independent medical examination (IME). Despite the name, the IME is seen Read More

EMT Struggles to Obtain NYCERS Disability Benefits.

A recent report in the New York Post detailed the challenges confronted by one young man who is significantly and permanently disabled as a result of multiple injuries, both physical Read More

Toxic Exposure in the Workplace

Injuries received from dangerous chemicals can have some of the longest-lasting effects on your quality of life. In some cases, workers who have been exposed to dangerous substances have even Read More

Closed-Period Applications for Disability Benefits

Sometimes the application period for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be so lengthy that your condition will have improved by the time your application has been approved. Even Read More

More Workers Killed on the Job as Code Violations Rise

A report published by a New York governmental safety office has found that fatal injuries on construction job sites across the State of New York are on the rise. The Read More

The Five Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

A study recently released by insurance carrier Liberty Mutual revealed the most common on-the-job injuries in the US. Read on to learn about the most common reasons people are hurt Read More

More On-the-Job Deaths in 2015 than Previous Six Years

A recent report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that more workers died on the job in 2015 than in the 6 previous years. New York had the Read More

When Diabetes Becomes a Disability

Diabetes, whether Type I or Type II, can be managed in some patients, but it can become a debilitating disease in others. If you suffer from diabetes and are beginning Read More

Activities of Daily Living and Your Adult Function Report

When you apply for disability, it is important to present an accurate picture of your physical abilities and the manner in which they’ve been curtailed by your injuries. The Social Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 26 posts